Mini Mountaineer Mover

So it has been a little bit since my mom and dad got off their butts and took me outside camping in the woods. Ok not really, but at least a bigger, funner and exciting trip. So dad has been in the garage a lot lately working on some super, secret project. He wont let me in there, crying about how I don’t help, get in the way and just want to play. Hello! I am Samuel…. that is what I do.  He is up to something and I must find out.

So since my last blog I have had a birthday and turned 3. Not only did I have a party at the Tacoma Mountaineers clubhouse, I got to share my birthday with another mini mountaineer; Clint, who turn one. It was awesome with playtime, bubbles and my very own mountain cake. I ate a lot and was very hopped up on sugar. Whewwwwwww.

I digress…whatever that means. So a couple of days ago the secret experiment was revealed. It is soooo cool. My dad got us a Mini Mountaineer Mover commonly referred to as a Teardrop Trailer. That’s right just enough room for my toys and us. It is super cool. It is not the big travel trailer dad lives in as a Park Ranger, but a super small version of a trailer that is like a bed and kitchen on wheels.  Dad and mom can easily pull it behind their SUV’s and I don’t have to sleep on the ground as much when we are on outside trips.

Have you been to Cape Disappointment? It is about one hour, more like three and a half, but I slept most of it, away from Tacoma. There is a very big, beautiful camping area for RV and tents, two lighthouses to visit and a very windy beach. Although I was too little to climb the lighthouse stairs, I still got to talk with the Rangers and they share some cool stories with me. My mom will tell you more about the trip.

Overall it was a great and awesome trip and I really like my family’s new mini RV.  I cant wait to go on another road trip with the mini mountaineer mover.

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