Samuel’s Corner: Warm in Winter

Not sure that mom knows it is cold for me today.   I mean there is smoke coming from her head as she walks with me on her back.  But I can see nothing but the white trees and a fluffy snow covered trail and I am burrrrry.   All of the sudden she stops, takes me off her back, unzips my jacket and puts here hand on my bare chest.  “What the hell lady?”   She tells me that my skin is cold and that I must be too.  She takes me out and lets me walk around to get warm and even gives me something to eat and another layer.   “She does know!”.   She makes me drink water all the time. Something about how the water will help hydrate me and Thermo-regulate, blah, blah, blah.


She always does these cool things. With my gloves I have a liner mitten and outer glove with a “Hot Hand” warmer shoved up towards my fingers.   She told me that when it’s cold it’s better to have mitts with hand warmers at the tips, then gloves cause I don’t make enough heat.  I also get to wear boots that are one size bigger.  Yup bigger, warmer socks fit and I can wiggle my toes.  On really cold days I get toe warmers in there too.  She also told me not to touch the hand warmers or put them on my skin cause it would burn me.

For my head I have a beanie, neck gaiters and sometimes a balaclava.  It makes me look like a ninja.  It’s awesome.


When it is sunny I have these really dark glasses that stop the sun from bouncing off the snow and into my eyes. Something about getting snow blind. I wear them cause they make me look cool like my daddy.

I do have lots of layers on. Yup piles and piles of cloths. Light layer, mid layer, insulation layer and a wind-rain layer. This all helps to trap the warm air I made with my little body engine. The more I make the better. I just have to be careful not to over do it and get to hot. Sweat is bad in the cold. I also don’t ever, ever wear cotton. Mom says it takes too long do dry and gets really cold when wet.

IMG_6143 2


Mom protects me as best she can from the wind as it also drops the temperature and can freeze my toddler skin. And she’s good about going back inside when I get super cold.

I have been out in 7 degree weather and been ok. My mom and dad kept a close eye on me to make sure I was not showing signs of hypothermia like shivering uncontrollably or mumbling.

It is very important that they watch over me in any outside play, but really really important when it’s cold.

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